UC Browser Mini Version Available to Download: What You Need to Know

UC Browser Mini gives you an amazing browsing experience, even if it comes in a small package. It’s very useful to those users of Android that have lower specs and not much storage space. However, its features are great.

What are its features?

It has navigation cards, fast browsing, and smart downloading. It comes with incognito browsing and night mode. It also has an ad blocker and data savings mode.

Despite the fact that it comes in a small package, it’s the best browsing experience you can get. With navigation cards, you’ll get local content and services right while you’re navigating. Also, it’s the fastest browsing mode and it’s also the best when it comes to saving data usage. It supports multiple background download and it also has auto reconnection in case something happens while you’re downloading and the connection gets interrupted. It’s best if you switch to night mode to read more comfortably at night. With data saving, this browser compresses data and speeds up navigation. It also helps you in saving cellular data traffic. Truth be told, the more you browse, the more you save data. With the ad blocker, you won’t have to see annoying ads anymore that will affect your experience with this browser. You’ll be completely ad-free. It also comes with lots of other features, like QR Code, My Video, Save Page, Full Screen, Bookmarks import and export, Text Only and check network.

What are its awards?

Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award, Best Android Browser Award 2012, Best Mobile Browser Award 2011.

Also, the browser is going to host World Cup 2018 Gala Event exactly in the app. You can no watch World Cup Matches directly in the browser and even participate in the event.

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