Clash of Clans: Farming and War – Strongest Attack Strategies for TH9

Many users have asked themselves what the best attack strategy for th9, when it comes to war and farming is. It really depends on the base layout.

For farming

Gob knife is an excellent idea. It gives you fast cook time and you won’t need heroes of DE investment if you want to get a chunk of DE with every raid. It’s good not to attack a base, unless it is over 3000 DE.

Also, loonian might be a good idea. So get your loons up to 6 as soon as possible. Try to farm DE for the queen, and once she’s at least level 15, you can try doing queen walk with loonian. It will help you a lot to get to the core of the base, where most of the players put their DE storages. If you want pure loonian, the best goto setup is 34 loons and 25 minions  – and all the rage spells. If you have some DE to spare, then you can choose haste. You can maximize the DE gain with elixir spells.

For war

For this one, it might be best to learn a variety of attacks. Lalo attacks are the best. However, the easiest attack is GoWiWiBo, 3 star a TH9, and it comes with 2 Golems, eight wizards, four wall breakers, and ten witches and bowlers. When it comes to spells,  you should use 1 heal, 1 jump, 2 rage, and 1 poison. The only problem is that it costs 5k DE per attack. If you’re not willing to spend that much, you should try lavaloonian.  The army has 4 Lava Hounds, 25 minions and 16 loons. The spells are either haste or rage, or a combination of those 2. the thing with this one is that killing enemy CC troops is a priority.

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