Google Canvas – Meet The Google’s New Web-Based Drawing App

Google recently released a new web-based app, Google Canvas, a drawing app for sketching and taking notes, as well. Google Canvas is accessible at any time here, and it is working with any Internet browser, not only Google Chrome as other web-based apps launched by the giant Internet company.

Google Canvas allows you to draw and take notes, also, and all your works will automatically save on your Google Account, so they’ll be accessible anytime and from anywhere, and the only condition is to have an active Internet connection. You can also download your drawings in PNG format.

Google Canvas is a straightforward web-based drawing app

As regarding the drawing tools that Google’s new web-based drawing app boasts, the application is quite easy to use. Similarly to Microsoft’s Paint, Google Canvas also allows users to choose from different drawing utensils, each with its own characteristics. Therefore, you can draw using a pencil, ink pen, marker, or chalk.

Also, you can use the pre-defined colors or open up the palette and select basically any hex color. Besides, Google Canvas also packs an undo function and an eraser to repair any mistakes you might do when drawing or sketching.

Any browser can run Google Canvas, the Google’s new web-based drawing app

Also noteworthy, Google Canvas is not the first incursion of Google into drawing apps. The giant Internet company also launched an AR drawing app for smartphones, called Just a Line – Draw in AR, and Blocks, a Paint-like app but for virtual reality. Besides, Google Notes also allows users to draw, besides taking notes.

However, the best part of Google’s new web-based drawing app is the fact that it is compatible with any Internet browser that supports  WebAssembly. That means Google Canvas is virtually available for every browser out there, including Mozilla Firefox. Users can draw using their mouse or touchpad on PCs, while on mobiles, they can use the touchscreen, but it would be much more comfortable with a stylus.

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