Will Saints Row 5 See the Light of Day?

Saints Row is a long-running open-world franchise that is loved by millions of fans. The series began as yet another GTA clone but from the very start it worked hard to showcase a distinct experience and exclusive features. Most players became familiar with the series when Saints Row 2 was released across several platforms. A catchy story, good gunplay and creative side activities made the franchise popular.

After the fourth entry in the series was released many fans believed that the developer forgot what made the game special sales numbers may have not been that great.

Deep Silver and Volition experimented with a spin-off title called Agents of Mayhem that takes part in an alternate Saints Row universe. The title failed to impress critics and fans and the sales may have prompted Deep Silver, the current publisher of the series, to discontinue future projects at least for a while.

Volition, the developer, has remained silent on the subject. Many believe that the studio is still haunted by the mediocre impact of Saints Row 4, developed when THQ, the former publisher, went bankrupt.

Deep Silver also hyped Agents of Mayhem, making it look like the next big title in the franchise but the ties with the original Saints Row are very weak. This correlated with poor sales puts a lot of pressure on Volition since another botched title could mean that the studio will be closed.

Volition hasn’t developed a Saints Row title since the stand-alone Gat Out of Hell expansion which was released back in 2015. The lack of a comprehensive story mode doomed the spin-off and further reduced the enthusiasm for another Saints Row.

There is still hope that Saints Row 5 may be in development but the project is kept secret until something impressive can be shown.  The Saints Row community is still active and asking for a new title and Deep Silver may decide to allow Volition to make another title before GTA 6 hits the scene.

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