Microsoft To Release Two Face-Recognition Webcams In 2019

As reported by blogger Paul Thurrott, Microsoft is planning to roll out two Ultra-HD webcams in 2019. The technology giant company is, more specifically, working on launching two face-recognition webcams in 2019, one dedicated to Windows 10 computers, while the other would be compatible with Xbox One.

Microsoft to offer Windows 10 users access to biometric functions via a face-recognition webcam in 2019

Microsoft is planning to roll out a face-recognition webcam in 2019 to provide Windows 10 users access to biometric functions. Biometric authentication would be, therefore, available for all Windows 10 computers thanks to the new Ultra-HD camera the giant tech company is thinking to release in 2019.

Face recognition, fingerprint authentication, and other biometric features would be available via the Windows Hello platform. Noteworthy, these functions are already accessible via Microsoft Surface computers. Thus, Microsoft’s final goal would be to make biometric authentication available, at least limited to facial recognition, for the time being, to all Windows 10 users.

Microsoft would also roll out a second face-recognition webcam, but for the Xbox One

Similarly to the camera model the company plans to launch for Windows 10 computers, to expand biometric authentication via face-recognition features, Microsoft will release another Ultra-HD camera for Xbox One.

This face-recognition camera for Xbox One would work similarly to that one for Windows 10. It would also come out in 2019, most likely at the same time with that model for Windows 10 computer, that we’ve debated in the section above. This Xbox One face-recognition camera would allow gamers to log in faster, while will also enable multiple users to sign in, so it would expedite the start of gaming sessions.

According to the information presented by industry blogger Paul Thurrott, both these face-recognition webcams Microsoft plans to roll out in 2019 would be compatible with USB-C and would have the final goal to ease up the users’ authentication process on Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles.

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