New Google Chrome Exploit Might Freeze Windows 10 Computers

Users discovered a new Google Chrome vulnerability that can be employed by cyber attackers to freeze Windows 10 devices. This Google Chrome exploit that might freeze Windows 10 computers has already been used by hackers to block users access to their PCs by opening up a pop-up window that informs users that their devices have been infected with a virus.

The Google Chrome bug employs JavaScript codes to build a loop and make it impossible for users to shut down the malicious tab or the browser itself. The intriguing part of all this is that the cyber attackers used this exploit to make it look like an official announcement coming directly from Microsoft.

The worse part of this new Google Chrome exploit is that it might freeze Windows 10 computers because it would spike your CPU and RAM usage to about 100%. Even though it might look legit, like coming from Microsoft, that is nothing else than a scam, designed to steal private data and even money.

How to tackle this new Google Chrome exploit that might freeze Windows 10 computers

Until Google would release an update to address this bug, luckily, you can tackle the new Google Chrome exploit that might freeze Windows 10 computers by following the next steps:

  • Access Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Del or straight from the Taskbar;
  • Go to the Processes tab;
  • Right-click on Google Chrome or GoogleChrome.exe;
  • Click on End Process Tree;

Also, make sure you set Google Chrome not to restore closed tabs, as otherwise, the malicious website would keep popping up. Uninstalling Google Chrome and then reinstalling it would also deal with the before-mentioned exploit, but if you have not synced your bookmarks and passwords with your Google Account, you’ll lose that data.

On the other hand, never fall in the scammers’ traps, and check out if the information popping up on your screen is always coming from a reliable source. Microsoft, also, will never use a pop-up window to inform users about a possible virus.

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