Top 3 FREE Text Apps For Android To Send Free SMS

When looking for free text apps for Android, you might get confused quickly. You’ll bump into a lot of apps that would use your smartphone’s SMS service to send messages (which is not entirely free, depending on your carrier and your plan) or instant messaging applications that would indeed send messages in real time but won’t send real SMS. Luckily, there are some text apps for Android that you can use to send free SMS. Here are our top 3 FREE text apps for Android to send SMS.

Top 3 FREE Text Apps For Android To Send SMS

Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the best FREE text apps for Android that allows users to send SMS, as well as to make and receive phone calls. It is also one of the most popular apps in this regard, but it’s only available in US and Canada, so if you reside in another country in the world, you might experience poor coverage.

Text Free

Text Free is another excellent free SMS app for Android that also allows users to make free phone calls. It is also available on iOS where it is quite a popular application. Text Free enables users to sign up for an account, get a phone number, and send real SMS. It also permits users to make phone calls, but not more than 60 minutes per month for a free plan. However, you can either watch video ads or purchase extra minutes.


TextNow is boasting the cleanest user interface among the apps in this top 3 free text apps for Android to send SMS. Thus, it is straightforward to use and very fast to set up. It allows users to send free SMS or make phone calls for free, but it also works like an MVNO of some kind. It also offers additional plans, the most interesting one being the unlimited everything plan which also provides unlimited Internet, but which only works on CDMA smartphones. Otherwise, the app is limited to the US and Canada.

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