iPad Mini 5 Case Leak Reveals Four speakers, Headphone Jack, And More

A new iPad Mini 5 case leak confirms that Apple will indeed roll out a new iPad Mini in 2019. The leak, presented by SlashLeaks, shows an allegedly iPad Mini 5 case with a transparent exterior. While we can’t be sure regarding the legitimacy of this leak, the images released via SlashLeaks are still interesting as they confirm the fact that the Cupertino-based company is working on a new iPad Mini.

As revealed by the leak, Apple might plan to implement many updates in the 2019 iPad Mini, including four speakers, a headphone jack, and a Smart Connector.

2019 iPad Mini Might Sport A Smart Connector

The iPad Mini 5 case reveals a cutout that would fit with an Apple’s Smart Connector port, indicating that the Cupertino-based company might plan to release a keyboard along with the 2019 iPad Mini. Also, that would be a premiere for the Apple’s Mini series of tablets which did not boast a Smart Connector until now.

iPad Mini 5 To Boast Four Speakers

Besides the Smart Connector cutout, the case leak revealed four other cutouts on the top and the bottom, suggesting that the allegedly iPad Mini 5 would come out with four speakers, two on the top of the device, while the other two would be placed on the bottom.

iPad Mini 5 Might Come Out With A 3.5-mm Headphone Jack

While Apple is firm on its decision to ditch the standard 3.5-mm headphone jack, the iPad Mini 5 case leak shows that the 2019 iPad Mini model might come out with a 3.5-mm jack. That information is also putting the legitimacy of the leaked images under scrutiny. Since Apple is removing the 3.5-mm jack from its other devices, it would be a strange decision to keep it on one of its future tablets, be it an iPad Mini one.

On the other hand, it’s about time for Apple to update its iPad Mini series which has not been upgraded since 2015.

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