New Google Chrome UI Is Disappointing, Upsetting Users

The new Google Chrome UI is disappointing, and we already know that as the new user interface rolled out in September with Chrome 69 update, and users have been complaining about it since then. Until now, Google allowed Chrome users to switch back to the old UI, but since the recently released Chrome 71 version, the Internet company removed that option, so we’re now stuck with the ugly, disappointing new Google Chrome UI.

The new Google Chrome user interface was designed by the Internet company with mobile devices in mind, so it looks like a forced mobile interface of the popular browser dragged to laptops and desktop PCs.

The rounded tabs are hard to distinguish when users open multiple tabs, while the homepage shortcuts are appearing rounded, small and only boast the favicon of the sites and not a thumbnail with the last page users visited on those websites.

New Google Chrome UI Is Disappointing, Upsetting Users

Google Chrome users have reported their disappointment with the new Chrome UI since it came out with Google Chrome 69. However, the users could switch back to the old user interface. That until now, as, with the Google Chrome 71 installment, Google removed the option to go back to the former, and much better, interface.

Since the Chrome 71 update rolled out earlier this month, users have been complaining about the issues the new UI is boasting on either social media or directly to Google. The majority of those users even asked the giant Internet company to reactivate the Google flag option to allow users to switch back to the old Google Chrome UI.

Many users tackled the change by downgrading to Chrome 70. However, Google doesn’t recommend this solution.

“Please don’t do this. As a Chrome dev, we would really rather you use another browser than try to lock yourself on an old version of Chrome. There are serious consequences to this, and much like choosing not to be vaccinated, the choice affects other people besides just you,” said Google engineer Peter Kasting.

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