Android Messages Fights Spam With A New Feature

It’s challenging to stay away from spam. We have spammy emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook spam, and so on. Also, lately, SMS spam is another common issue that annoys everyone. While the majority of the modern Android smartphones come with the option to block spam messages, Google thinks differently and fights spam with a new feature in its Android Messages app.

As reported by Android Police, the new spam-protection feature in Android Messages is server-sided, meaning that users don’t need to update the app to a newer version. However, the so-called Spam Protection function is not yet available to all users of the Android Messages app, and it seems that it rolls out slowly to the devices running the application around the world.

At the moment, some users got the new feature, while others are still waiting to get it. From those who already have the new Spam Protection, we’ve learned that it comes as a popup notification.

Android Messages Fights Spam With A New Feature Called “Spam Protection”

The popup notification users receive when the so-called Spam Protection function hits the devices asks the users to either enable it or keep it off. However, it will always be available for anyone to reach in the Settings section of the Android Messages app, so you can turn it on/off whenever you want.

However, it seems that the feature sends some information back to Google, such as the numbers behind incoming messages, but not the content of the SMS or other data that could identify senders personally.

Since Google did not offer any explanation how Spam Protection feature works, we guess that the giant Internet company is going to use the famous machine-learning algorithms to spot messages that could be suspect. Also, with the addition of this new function, Google proves its commitment to improving Android Messages, the company’s SMS app, and RCS messaging protocol.

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