Netflix Discontinued In-App Subscriptions For iOS Users

Following the example of Spotify and other high-profile streaming services and apps, Netflix discontinued in-app subscriptions for iOS users. That means, now, the most popular streaming service at the moment, Netflix, will not anymore support sign-up from either new or returning customers who use iOS devices. iPhone and iPad users can only sign up on Netflix using the service’s website.

“We no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members. Existing members who currently use iTunes as a method of payment can continue to do so. From our mobile to TV experience, working with Apple helps us deliver great entertainment to members around the world, and they remain a valued partner,” said Netflix’s representatives for MobileSyrup, via email.

What Netflix was saying is that, from now on, iOS users who use in-app subscriptions but miss a payment won’t be able to return to the platform via the application. Otherwise, nothing is changed for them if they never miss a payment.

Netflix Discontinued In-App Subscriptions For iOS Users

Even though Netflix did not state why it adopted such a change, given the situation of Apple, it might be possible that Netflix, as well as the other streaming services, is not accepting anymore the high cost of using Apple’s in-app subscription program.

Currently, Apple charges Netflix and other apps with 30% out of all in-app subscriptions made on iPhone and iPad devices. However, that cut is reducing by half if an iOS user keeps its membership for at least 12 months. Nonetheless, the high cost of Apple’s in-app subscription program forced Spotify to give up on in-app subscriptions for its iOS apps.

On the other hand, this situation is similar to that of Google Play Store which has been ditched by Fortnite, the renowned Battle Royale title, also due to the high cost of the app taxes.

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