Facebook Messenger Tests Dark Mode In Specific Markets

Facebook Messenger started the public dark mode testing campaign on several devices, in specific markets, following a tease rolled out in September 2018, as reported by MobileSyrup. The frequent social media app tipster Jane Manchun Wong was the first to spot that Facebook launched its Messenger dark mode testing campaign on some smartphones, but only in certain markets.

“Facebook Messenger, seemingly due to prolonged external nagging, has started public testing Dark Mode in certain countries. They have put up a fair warning that Dark Mode isn’t everywhere yet so don’t complain when some UI burns your eyes off,” reported Jane Manchun Wong on her Twitter page.

That comes after the same Jane Manchun Wong reported on Twitter in November that “Facebook Messenger Dark Mode is now ready to roll out.”

Facebook Messenger Tests Dark Mode In Specific Markets

It is not yet known where the Facebook Messenger dark mode is currently available for testing and on which smartphones it would be possible to probe the new feature. However, you can check out if the new dark mode in Facebook Messenger is available to you by accessing the “Me” section in your Facebook Messenger app. While in there, you should see the Dark Mode option.

“We’re conducting a small test of the dark mode in a handful of markets. We don’t have anything further to share at this time,” said a Facebook Messenger representative for CNET, via email.

It seems that Facebook is going to update its Messenger application with a whole bunch of new features in the near future. This Facebook Messenger dark mode is just one of them. Also, Facebook is now working to implement an “unsend” function in its instant messaging application. The “unsend” feature is also under testing, for the time being. Both functions might roll out for everybody together, but we have no official information on that.

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