GTA 6: When Do We Get the Game?

The developers of the game don’t have a clear idea about the next version of the game, so it’s crystal clear that we don’t have a certain release date. There are many rumors out there, in the world of internet, and some people believe it will come in 2019, others that it will come in 2020, or even 2022.

It doesn’t matter what date they’re talking about, rumors are rumors, and they’re everywhere, and will be everywhere – about the date, gameplay and characters. And there are many questions that were left unanswered. For example, in what time will GTA 6 be framed in. It’s good to mention that there were some political thoughts when it came to the last game –  GTA 5 reflected the American society in a specific way, and some people were not so happy.

How do we know if they’re making the right decision?

The company has given us some suggestions about the effect of the gameplay. Some elements will be done with a certain goal in mind, perhaps 1970’s USA, and not what they’ve been going on with right now. Republicans, as well as Democrats were not happy, so the developers will probably go for safety with their next game, and every kind of controversy will be left out.

There is another theory on the internet that says that the action will take place in South America, but also in other parts of USA – remember Vice City? It will still be there. Then there are all the other rumors that say that the entire country will be on the map – but it’s less likely for that to happen.

Is there going to be a female character, or not?

They’ve been teasing the female protagonist for a long time. There’s also all kind of speculation, including the fact that a female protagonist will not be relevant to the storyline.

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