Chrome 73 To Bring a Dark Mode for Windows Users, Following The One on macOS

According to some recent reports, Chrome 73 will bring a dark mode for Windows users, following the similar feature that would also become available on macOS with the 73rd version of Google Chrome. However, the Windows-based version of Google Chrome 73 would only allow users to test the dark theme by adding a command line, while the Chrome 73 on macOS 10.14 would support the macOS’s own dark mode.

Dark modes and themes are increasingly common among apps, software, and so on, and are one of the most sought-after features by the users. While we already have a dark mode in YouTube and other Google apps, Chrome is late in implementing such a feature, so it’s about time to get one.

According to a bug report identified by Techdows, the preliminary work on the dark mode in Google Chrome 73 for Windows has already started, but, as reported, it would follow a different path than the one on the macOS 10.14’s Chrome variant.

Chrome 73 To Bring a Dark Mode for Windows Users

Different from the dark mode of Chrome on macOS, which would follow the macOS’s own dark theme, the Windows version of Chrome would only boast a dark mode if users would force its implementation via a command line.

On the other hand, the dark mode in Chrome 73 for Windows would is only P2 (priority-2), while that on macOS is P1. That’s surprising since Google Chrome has way more users on Windows than it has on macOS.

For the time being, Google Chrome already shows a dark theme for its incognito tabs for the users to make a difference between them and regular tabs. However, that incognito dark mode is not affecting the menus but only the main user interface. Accordingly, Google plans to implement a complete dark mode in Chrome 73 which would completely change the entire interface into a darkish one, that including the menus.

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