Xbox DVR is Now Available to Download for Smartphones

One of the greatest features of the Xbox One is the option to capture screenshots and media that can be stored easily. The task becomes a bit more complicated when users want to share the content.

The device allows you to instantly share your content on the social media but transferring the files to your PC in older to edit the videos is not really intuitive. The vast majority of users will either share the content privately and download it after or upload it on OneDrive, an option that will take a while.

More advanced users will use Xbox DVR; a site offers a way to download your content without any problems. Those that tried to do the same thing by using the official Xbox website will appreciate the initiative.

If you want to wish the website all you need to do is to create an account and enter your gamertag. You will be able to view a selection of content ranging from screenshots to clips, achievements and that funny gif you found while waiting for the lobby to fill.

While the website is pretty intuitive users will be able to enjoy the newly released apps for iOS and Android. The apps pack a variety of features among which we can count a search function that will allow you to easily track down a particular video, share your content on a variety of social platforms, download them for later use and do some basic editing.

Some features remain exclusive to the website like the ability to natively support Twitch and YouTube integration, comments and music playlists.

Is important to note that if you wish to capture high-quality videos a high-performance capture card is better since it can directly save the content on your computer without having to worry about filling the HDD of the console and slowing down the game.


The apps can be found on the official website and the app stores.

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