Download YouTube Videos With The New YouTube Go 1.47.52

If you have ever wanted to download YouTube videos, you found out that it was impossible to do that via the official YouTube app. Even though there are a few video downloaders to help you with that, they are not supported by Google, and they might also be illegal to use in some jurisdictions, as such apps are infringing copyright policies of Google’s behemoth videos platform.

However, there is YouTube Go, a Google official app especially dedicated to the YouTube users in regions known for poor Internet connection. YouTube Go 1.47.52 is now available and permits users to download YouTube videos, legally.

If you have a slow Internet connection or a limited data plan, then YouTube Go 1.47.52 is your ideal companion as it is consuming less data than the standard YouTube app. Also, it is faster and provides better control over data and storage space consumption.

Download YouTube Videos With The New YouTube Go 1.47.52

You can use YouTube Go as the original YouTube application, for searching and watching your favorite videos, songs, and other content, or you can use it to download YouTube videos to watch when offline or when your Internet connection becomes sluggish.

Launched in 2017 across India as a Beta version, YouTube Go has become available to more than 130 countries in 2018. The app is now available in several countries across Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central and South America, among others, and there are still no plans from Google for launching the app in countries with fast and stable Internet connections.

Google is still not revealing which countries can enjoy YouTube Go 1.74.52, but you can check out its availability in your region by searching the app on Google Play Store. On the other hand, if you want to give it a try for yourself and download YouTube videos, legally, you can download YouTube Go via APK.

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