1 Million iOS Devices Were Jailbroken with Absinthe 2.0

According to some voices, Absinthe 2.0 is becoming a popular jailbreaking method. Tech website and experts from the field say that in the first weekend since it was released, over 1 million people used Absinthe 2.0 to jailbreak their iOS devices.

On the other hand, the jailbreaking community says that the use of this tool shows lack of experience in the mentioned area. Considering the increasing number of non-experts who perform jailbreaks, the situation is not surprising.

iOS users have different opinions about this trend

Since the news about Absinthe 2.0’s increasing popularity went viral, iOS users shared their opinion about the situation. A part of them said that jailbreaks performed with Absinthe 2.0 actually users to ”own” their phones.

As we can imagine, people don’t like the idea of spending money on a piece of hardware or software just to see how Apple doesn’t allow them to fully benefit from their purchase. In this case, Absinthe 2.0 turns out to be very useful and the real surprise it that there aren’t more than 1 million people using the tool.

Others say that Apple devices are really not worth it and people shouldn’t buy them. According to them, Android offers a lot more interesting and useful alternatives with a more budget-friendly price. In this case, smartphone users won’t need to buy jailbreaks either.

The controversy went on as time passed and people felt the need to express their thoughts on this matter. Regardless of their opinion about one operating system or the other, most iOS users are still willing to jailbreak their devices.

On the other hand, we cannot deny its importance when it comes to online security and improved performance. It remains to be seen if Absinthe 2.0 will remain as popular as it is now or the jailbreak community will prefer other tools.

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