Four Next Xbox Consoles Are Under Development At Microsoft

Undoubtedly, all the major console manufacturers, namely, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, are working on their next-gen video games consoles. While the fans expect more details on the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch 2019 versions, Microsoft is developing no less than four Xbox consoles. The giant tech company is working on the Xbox Scarlett project, which would be made up of two consoles (codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart), as well as on two other systems, dubbed as Maverick and Xbox One S Revision.

While both the consoles within the Xbox Scarlett project would be next-gen video games consoles, thus, the equivalent of Sony’s PlayStation 5, the other two projects, known as Maverick and Xbox One S Revision, would be a streaming-only system and an updated current-gen console, respectively.

Four Next Xbox Consoles Are Under Development At Microsoft

Xbox Scarlett – Anaconda

Xbox Scarlett – Anaconda, one of the four next Xbox consoles that are under development at Microsoft, and one of the future next-gen Xbox consoles, would be the most powerful of the next-gen consoles that Microsoft would release. It’s dedicated to hardcore gamers and would roll out in 2020 if we were to believe the recent reports and rumors. It would come out along with the Lockhart variant about which we’ll talk below.

Xbox Scarlett – Lockhart

The Lockhart console of the Xbox Scarlett project would have the same role the current-gen Xbox One S has. Thus, Xbox Scarlett – Lockhart would be less potent than Anaconda so that it would be dedicated to casual gamers. It would also be the more affordable version of the two Xbox Scarlett consoles. Thus it would attract budget players.

Xbox Maverick

Also one of the four next Xbox consoles under development at Microsoft at this moment, Xbox Maverick would roll out in spring 2019, according to some recent reports, and it would be a streaming-only console. Maverick would also be the first Xbox console without a disk drive. As it’s not part of the Xbox Scarlett project, Maverick would be current-gen.

Xbox One S Revision

The second, and presumably the last, current-gen console that Microsoft is working on, Xbox One S Revision would also come out in 2019. While it won’t ditch the disc drive like Maverick, Xbox One S Revision would take advantage of the new xCloud function. The goal of Microsoft is to come out with a cheaper variant for the current Xbox One S.

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