iOS 13 Leak: What Should We Expect from It?

Even if iOS 12 just got to the phones in September, fans already want iOS 13. Apple is testing their new operating system. From leaks, we got that they are actually working on it, and things are just so exciting!

When will we have more details?

We’re expecting even more details soon, since leaks started to make their appearances. Many sites already shared analytics data, that showed visits from devices that run iOS 13. One of them said that it initially saw visits in October. And then, in November, and then in December. And now, they’re about to pick it up after the holidays.

What’s interesting is the fact that people had said that they’ve seen the iOS 13 running on devices ever since March 2018, which is months before iOS 12 was even revealed.

What should we expect from iOS 13?

Some leaks have shown that some of the features from iOS 12 are expected to be seen in iOS 13, too. We know it takes a long time actually to develop a new operating system, so we might have to wait a bit until it gets to see the light of the day.

Many of the most wanted features expected for iOS 12 were for iPads. A clear example would be the fact that Apple wanted to revamp the iPad’s Files app. Apple also wants to improve iPad’s multitasking features, by adding more tabs in the app, so users can open more than just one tab from inside the app.

iOS 13 may allow those of you who have an iPad to have two windows of the same app opened one next to another, in Split View.

However, not all of them are made for iPads. For iPhone, they might want to change the grid on the Home screen.

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