3 Must-Try Android Apps Of The Beginning Of 2019

Every day, more and more apps are rolling out on the Google Play Store. However, only some of them stand out and deserve our attention. Here are three must-try Android apps of the beginning of 2019.

Android is the best mobile operating system when it comes to customization and apps developing. There are millions of apps out there, and the majority of them are on the Google Play Store. Out of this multitude of applications, from productive apps and games to video players and video downloaders, only a few stand out. However, finding the most exciting apps for your needs might be challenging, so, here’s a short list (out of the many to come) with some of the best must-try apps of the beginning of 2019.

3 Must-Try Android Apps Of The Beginning Of 2019

WakingNews Alarm Clock

Remember those classic radio alarm clocks? Well, WakingNews Alarm Clock, designed by Yahoo, is bringing that concept into the modern days. If you’re bored of the standard, default alarm clock on your Android smartphone, then WakingNews Alarm Clock is ideal for you.

WakingNews Alarm Clock will wake you up by delivering audio news from sources such as Yahoo, HuffPost, Engadget, and so on. Also, you can select the content to match your daily routines and tastes.

Mint Browser by Xiaomi

Released recently, the Mint Browser y Xiaomi is one excellent alternative to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, specially designed for low- mid-range Android smartphones. Being one of the top three must-try Android apps, Mint Browser must boast some cool features, right? Well, it doesn’t, but its simplicity, speed, and lightweight are what make it increasingly more popular among users.

Feedly & Feedly Classic

Another one of the top 3 must-try Android apps is Feedly. Feedly was a very popular RSS feed aggregator. Now, a recent update revamped the design of Feedly, making it look much more modern. However, that annoyed some of the application’s fans, so the devs released Feedly Classic which keeps the old-school design.

No matter which of the two apps (Feedly or Feedly Classic) you use, Feedly will deliver you the most popular and recent articles on a lot of topics, including Education, Tech, Gaming, Science, and so on. You can also personalize the feeds to get only those news that interests you.

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