Asus ZenBook S13 To Feature The “World’s Slimmest Display Bezels” Thanks To Reversed Notch

The notch, made famous by Apple with its iPhone X smartphone, became a popular feature for Android and iOS smartphones. Thanks to the notch, manufacturers could come up with devices with thin edges, thus, with larger screens. However, many users have complained about this feature, so smartphone producers had to adopt other approaches to increase the size of the screens. As for the laptops market, Asus ZenBook S13, which the company would present at CES 2019, would be the “world’s slimmest display bezel” thanks to a reversed notch.

A reversed notch is the opposite of a regular notch that we can see on Android and iOS devices. If the notch on smartphones is like a cut into the screen, the reversed notch, such as the one on the upcoming Asus ZenBook S13, will lay above the display.

Asus decided to adopt this reversed notch to increase the size of the ZenBook S13’s display and reduce the bezels as much as possible. By doing that, according to Asus, the screen-to-body ratio of the ZenBook S13 reached 97%.

Asus ZenBook S13, with its reversed notch and the “world’s slimmest display bezels,” is also a high-performance laptop

While, on the exterior, the upcoming Asus ZenBook S13 boasts the “world’s slimmest display bezels” thanks to a reversed notch that houses the webcam, under the hood, the laptop is packing 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 Gb of RAM, and 1TB of PCIe SSD storage. Also, there is excellent news for gamers, as Asus ZenBook S13 is also boasting a dedicated Nvidia MX150 GPU.

The majority of the laptops in the same class as ZenBook S13 adopted integrated graphics from Intel, so the upcoming Asus’ notebook would have an advantage edge over them as it’s boasting a “discrete graphics card.” Therefore, Asus ZenBook S13 can smoothly run the latest video games at lower resolutions.

Asus ZenBook S13 would be presented during the CES 2019, and the company plans to roll out the device in Q1 2019, but an exact release date has not yet been announced.

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