HP Chromebook 14 Would Be The First To Mix AMD Chipset With Chrome OS

Back in 2011 when the first Chromebooks rolled out, these devices were low-priced and focused on the low- and mid-range laptops market. However, in 2013, when Google launched its Pixel laptop, the giant Internet company proved that Chromebooks could also target the premium segment. In consequence, many other computer manufacturers joined this niche and developed more advanced and expensive Chromebooks. Now, another premiere is about to come in this market, as HP Chromebook 14, which would be presented at CES 2019, will be the first to mix Chrome OS with an AMD chipset.

As the name suggests, HP Chromebook 14 would feature a 14-inch display with a 1366×768 resolution. The laptop’s design would also be good-looking, boasting a textured finish. Most likely, the device would not be made with expensive materials so that it might come out with a classic, polycarbonate chassis.

Even though HP Chromebook 14 would target mid-high-end of the Chromebooks market, under the hood, it won’t pack some high-performance components.

HP Chromebook 14 Mixes AMD Chipset With Chrome OS

Under the hood, HP Chromebook 14 would boast an AMD A4-9120C processor, a not so popular chipset, which is featuring two Excavator cores running at 1.8 GHz. Besides, this Chromebook would also pack a GCN 1.2-based Radeon R4 iGPU with 128 SPs operating at 720 MHz. In short, HP Chromebook 14 would allow users to run some productivity apps, play some low-demanding games, and navigate the Internet, but that’s all.

In addition to all that, the HP Chromebook 14 would come out with 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and 32 GB of local eMMC storage, which is similar to the majority of the other Chromebooks. As regarding the connectivity, the upcoming HP Chromebook 14 would come with a Qualcomm 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 4.2 controller, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C ports, two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, and a microSD card reader.

As we’ve already mentioned, HP Chromebook 14 will run Chrome OS. Also, the new Chromebook will boast a 47.36 Wh battery which would last for about nine hours and 15 minutes at normal use.

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