iPhone XR of 2019: What Should We Expect?

It is most likely that the XR 2 will not be announced earlier than September 2019 and later that month or in October it will be available in shops.

As for the release schedule of Apple, we can quickly be assured that every autumn we will have a new handset. However, its availability depends. It is three years since Apple dropped an iPhone outside this period, that being iPhone SE. Due to the fact that this phone is more aimed at the budget audience, we might not get it until spring 2020.


In 2018, the iPhone XR was released with the price of £749/$749 with 64GB of storage while for the 128GB and 256GB one the prices rise.

Even though this iPhone has a lower price than the iPhone XS, its features and specs are similar, so this year the price should not be too different from the previous year.

The UK pricing might be negatively impacted by the Brexit process because the pound would drop and imported products would become more expensive.

Specs & new features

In 2018 the iPhone XR was similar to the iPhone 6, but with XS’s specs and features and 5C’s colors.

The more expensive components such as the OLED screen were replaced, in this case with an LCD one, and the dual-lens camera to a single one.

Some other differences included a thicker body and larger bezels. However, many of these are not that easy to be observed so who would not buy this one instead of paying $250 more and having a slightly different aspect? At least we know that this phone is good enough for people who do not have a budget big enough to get a more professional version.

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