Kodi, Blocked On The Latest Sony Android TVs

Kodi is one very popular media interface, allowing users to install add-ons and stream movies and TV series. However, Kodi earned a bad reputation for itself due to its association with pirated content. While merited, in the opinion of some people, Kodi’s lousy rap is now also acknowledged by Sony. The renowned Japanese tech and entertainment company has blocked Kodi on its latest Android TVs, to the disappointment of those who bought the new TV-sets to run Kodi.

About Kodi

Kodi is an open-source platform for streaming and playing media content, permitting users to access lots of movies and TV series and shows, primarily via the many Kodi add-ons they can install. But Kodi and its add-ons offer access to pirated content, so many mainstream platforms and tech companies, as well as some of the regular streaming platforms’ users, consider Kodi a lousy app.

Even though Kodi is still a popular app for some people from different regions of the world, this streaming platform became troublesome for some of the mainstream companies. The first to take official action against Kodi was Sony.

Kodi, Blocked On The Latest Sony Android TVs, To The Disappointment of The Fans

A couple of days ago, Kodi devs pointed out to the Sony’s decision to block the platform on the latest Android TVs the Japanese tech company released. “Well done Sony Electronics for actively preventing users from installing Kodi on their newer Android TVs. How grown up of you. Even their firmware in the TVs is broken. Guess we will suggest users just to buy something else that does work,” said Kodi devs on Twitter.

Some of the Kodi’s fans have also reported that the latest Sony Android TVs are blocking the Kodi ID package from being installed or run. The solution would be┬árecompiling the application from scratch with a different ID to make it run on the most recent Android TVs from Sony.

In the end, some of the Kodi fans who bought the latest Sony Android TVs announced their intention to move away from future Sony devices, and choose other tech companies instead, Samsung being the most attractive alternative for the majority of them.

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