Google Assistant To Be Available On Over 1 Billion Smartphones By The End of The Month

Google plans to expand its Google Assistant in 2019 even more. Accordingly, by the end of the month, Google Assistant would be available on over 1 billion smartphones, and it would support new languages and regions, as well. Thus, the giant Internet company plans to double the use of Google Assistant which settled around 500 million users as of May 2018.

Even more, Google said that the number of Google Assistant users grew by four times in 2018, as the application became more useful than it has been in previous years, and all that thanks to the improvements the company implemented, such as AI and others.

“In 2018, the Google Assistant learned to speak new languages, expanded to new regions (like the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Turkey), and became smarter with new features that can help you throughout your day […] By the end of this month, we expect the Google Assistant to be available on one billion devices, up from 500 million last May,” Google wrote on its official blog.

Google Assistant To Be Available On Over 1 Billion Smartphones By The End of The Month

The fact that Google Assistant will become available on over 1 billion smartphones by the end of the month is no surprise since the assistant became much more useful to users.

According to Google, “the Assistant speaks new languages and understands local cultures – it’s now in nearly 30 languages and 80 countries, up from eight languages and 14 countries last year. And the Assistant became multilingual so that you can speak more than one language to it at home.”

Google is going to reveal more details on how Google Assistant improved and how it can help users, during CES 2019 which will start today, January 8th. “From day one, we’ve built the Assistant with one goal in mind: to help you get things done. Tomorrow, we’ll unveil even more ways the Assistant can help you at home, in the car, and on the go at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If you’re at CES, be sure to swing by the Google Assistant Playground (Central Plaza-1) for a firsthand look,” the official Google blog post reads.

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