Most Known Problems with WhatsApp and How To Fix Them

I can’t manage to install WhatsApp

The latest version of WhatsApp can be download only if your smartphone runs Android version 2.3.3 or higher. If you are not sure of the Android version, you can always check it by going to Settings and then to About Phone.

If the place where you want to download this app from is its official website, before doing that you would need to enable the Unknown Sources in your settings.

The activation code was not sent to me

If you did not encounter any problems with the installation, but then the automatically generated message with your activation code simply does not want to do anything with you, then the first step would be to check if your number is correctly written. The next step would be to check the country, and if those two are accurate, then you should receive the code.

If receiving the code does not work, you should choose the voice call in which a computer will read the code to you over the phone.

Do not forget that a SIM is mandatory to register for WhatsApp. Another such thing would be that per phone number only one device can be used.

WhatsApp is down, I can’t connect to WhatsApp or WhatsApp is not working

The connection problems of WhatsApp are usually caused by your network data connection or your Wi-Fi. Here are a few solutions in case you can’t send a message:

One of the most straightforward steps would be to ensure that your phone is switched on.

Using Play Store, install WhatsApp’s latest version.

Go to Settings then to Wireless and Network and check your Wi-Fi, internet connection or 4G.

Do not forget that WhatsApp can be affected by Task Killer apps so check those.

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