Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Is A Real-Time Translator

Thanks to Google Assistant, travelers do not have to worry about not knowing the foreign language of the country they travel to, as the Interpreter Mode in Google Assistant is a real-time translator. And the best part is that Google added the real-time translation to its increasingly smart AI voice assistant, so you can just write what you would like to say and Google Assistant will translate it and read it for you.

“Google Assistant Interpreter Mode is potentially world-changing for the future of travel: I won’t need to be bilingual in order to properly visit places and converse with locals in China, France, Italy, and so on. And there’s no need to boot up a translation app, sort through language selection drop-down menus, or spend time typing in words. It all happens automatically,” said Matt Swider on TechRadar.

The new Google Assistant Interpreter Mode has been presented at CES 2019, and it is, so far, the most exciting innovation revealed at the tech congress.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Is A Real-Time Translator

Like Google Maps, which helps users navigate the world and find the most exciting places when traveling, Google Assistant Interpreter Mode is also coming to aid users when they travel to foreign countries. The so-called Interpreter Mode in Google Assistant is a real-time translator as it’s translating whatever you want to say into the language you want.

“My CES demo was mostly a success, though Assistant didn’t particularly care for my not-so-authentic Spanish accent when I said ‘Okay, Google, become my Spanish Interpreter’ and asked ‘¿Dónde está el baño?,’ or ‘Where is the bathroom?.’ It kept translating my ‘Spanish’ to Spanish, and it proved my ability to speak Spanish is absolutely terrible. It’s now AI-verified,” explained Matt Swider from the TechRadar, who managed to test the feature live.

Soon, Google Assistant Interpreter Mode, a real-time translator, would reach Android smartphone so that it would help travelers even more than the well-known Google Translate.

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