IOS 11 Gets a New Update for a Cydia Eraser

Cydia’s creator, Jay Freeman, or as what most of us know him, saurik, replied to a post while confirming that he put an updated version of Cydia Esaer on his agenda. Unc0ver jailbreak users are already getting excited because of this news as it will make it quicker for them to revert to stock by removing the jailbreak.

How great is it to see that Freeman has finally decided to speak up his mind regarding his desire to update his tools and also what comes along with this, offering the best compatibility with @pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak.

This particular jailbreak solution makes saurik happy, and he is also satisfied with how it has been put together. With that being said, he does not mind throwing in some additional hours of work to update his packages and tools. It is not the first time we see happening with updates to Cydia Impactor.

Freeman, also nicknamed the “godfather of jailbreaking,” was put into a position in which he needed to answer what he is thinking about doing next. He mentioned that he is working on a Cydia Eraser update for iOS 11. Whatever the steps are to achieve this goal, it does not look like it worries the creator as he did not mention any other details about this update. However, he did not fail to offer users some bait, Freeman highlighting the fact that sometimes file formats can be changed by Apple and that he will do something to deal with that.

After Freeman makes sure that he knows exactly what his goal is, there is no doubt that he will give his 100% to ensure that the Cydia Eraser is functional for devices running iOS 11 and also the ones that have been jailbroken using unc0ver.

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