Samsung Users, Confused As They Can’t Delete Facebook App

On specific Samsung devices, users cannot delete the Facebook app, something that puzzled a lot of Samsung users who already posted a series of complaints on the official forums and blogs of the South Korean giant company. According to the reports, it is impossible to uninstall Facebook on the Galaxy devices which come with the application pre-installed.

“It just absolutely baffles me that if I wanted to completely get rid of Facebook that it essentially would still be on my phone, which brings up more questions. Can they still track your information, your location, or whatever else they do? We the consumer should have to say in what we want and don’t want on our products,” said Nick Winke, a photographer in the Pacific Northwest, in an interview.

The Samsung users are now questioning why the company is not allowing them to delete the Facebook app, especially since the social network has been involved in scandals regarding privacy leaks and information sharing.

Samsung Users, Confused As They Can’t Delete Facebook App

“My news feed was full of negative stuff, people going crazy on social media. It was affecting me emotionally and mentally,” said Balwinder Singh who lives in the Susquehanna Valley of the eastern US and works in transportation. Even after disabling the Facebook app on his seven-month-old Samsung device, the idea that the app was still on his smartphone bothered him.

According to Facebook, disabling the app is like uninstalling it. Once a user disables the application, Facebook stops collecting data and sending information back to Facebook.

“It’s only recently that people have become to understand that these apps really power the spy in your pocket. Companies should be filing public documents on these deals, and Facebook should turn over public documents that show there is no data collection when the app is disabled,” explained Jeff Chester, the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy.

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