Alternatives To HARO For Client Placements

All businesses desire to be in the news because this is definitely helpful for their brand awareness. But more than this, besides recognition, brands would also love it if there were in the news with positive issues and achievements as well, so that they can extend their client base.  But since Google has gained massive prominence, the PR world has changed, and even if we’re in 2019, the PR industry has not fully adapted itself to the digital marketing age.

HARO gained enhanced popularity

It’s important to understand that it’s not uncommon for a PR firm to help a reporter prepare their story which would earn them the favor to place their client’s name in that particular story.

These days, PR and Digital Marketers can help you score great media for businesses on various mainstream publications, especially with some help from the right tools. One of the best tools available to PR pros is HARO (Help A  Reporter Out), and it delivers instant access which was previously not available in the industry.

HARO is a great PR tool, and all you have to do is sign up and then, three times per day, you will receive an email which includes a massive list of subjects from reporters who are on the search for sources for their stories. This is definitely an easy way to find all kinds of media opportunities and who knows, even potentially land a massive coverage for the brand that you are promoting.

HARO alternatives

Fortunately, HARO is not the only PR tool that makes it easy to receive journalist requests and become a source.

There are more such useful tools out there like this free searchable database which provides an easier way for PR and Digital Marketers to find various top-quality placements for their clients.

Many business owners already have a pretty good idea about how to connect with journalists and bloggers in order to share data about their products and services. But, unfortunately, many of them are still not aware of such useful tools, and this leads to missing out on robust PR strategies.

HARO alternatives offer more value to the PR arsenal that a business has. This is especially useful if the message that’s sent out to journalists and bloggers is 100% reflecting the overall PR strategy that’s defined by the company’s PR.

Closing words

In today’s digital world, a great place in social media or Google search can be actually much more influential for a client or brand than the fact that it’s mentioned in the New York Times. This used to work in the past, but these days, things have changed. Even if, for the clients, this can be a pretty traumatic change in public relations’ strategies, modern PR people do understand the value of Google search or a strong Facebook presence for their clients.

HARO and such services have a massive impact on social media, and it also goes the other way around. Bottom line, these services will definitely help PR, and Digital Marketers find solid press placement for their clients. More services like this will keep evolving because the landscape of digital media placement and promotion is in full development.

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