iPhone 11 Game-Changing Display Technology and New Improvements

The iPhone has been a hit since it was first released and each year thousands of fans gather outside Apple Stores in order to be the first to buy the new iteration of the well-known smartphone.

This year’s iPhone could bring some new and exciting features in the form of the iPhone 11. Read below to learn more.

A game-changing display technology

Apple loves to innovate and bring new features on its smartphones. It is likely that the company may premiere a new display type and some believe that it may have developed a new manufacturing method that would allow the insertion of the front camera behind the display.

New technological improvements

Select patent documents hint that Apple may be working on side displays that could enhance the functionality of the next iPhone. Some sources believe that Apple may decide to include something similar to the Touch Bar present on the MacBook Pro. This would allow users to customize the buttons shown on the bar according to their liking.

The company may decide to also improve the internal specifications of the smartphone. The device may receive a higher quantity of RAM, with 6 or 8GB looking like a suitable target. A new and improved A13 processor could bring added performance while a revamped Neural Processing Unit could bring advanced capabilities to the device. Since 5G networks are not available in most part of the world it is likely that we will have to wait a little more for a 5G iPhone since the company prefers to use the improved versions of some technologies in order to deliver the best performance possible to its customers.

Refined design

The iPad Pro 2018 was very well-received and a future incarnation of the iPhone may mimic the successful design. The notch could be minimized or removed completely in order to maximize the size of the display.

Until the official reveals in September fans can only dream that the next iPhone will be great.

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