Minecraft: Pocket Edition Is Now Available on Google Play Store on Android

Minecraft is still one of the most popular games on Android, iOS, Windows computers, and so on. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the former name of the Minecraft variant for mobile platforms. Accordingly, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is running on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and FireOS. Now, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available on Google Play Store on Android, and it comes with several changes and improvements.

Minecraft Is One Of The Most Popular Games

With lots of features, such as add-ons, marketplace, and slash command, among others, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games of the world, summing up over 100 million gamers from around the planet on all the platforms on which it is available.

The idea behind Minecraft is to allow players to explore an open world environment and build everything from homes to castles. With different game modes, Minecraft is a fun way to spend your free time, no matter how old are you, even though it’s dedicated to children. Minecraft has also been involved in specific educational projects and became a real success.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition, as the Minecraft mobile version is popularly known, also allows users to play online with each other. The best part is that Minecraft is offering cross-platform play.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Is Now Available on Google Play Store on Android

The latest version of Minecraft for Android devices, the Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now available on Google Play Store on Android. The new update comes with new changes and improvements, making it better than ever.

While on the Google Play Store doesn’t bring many details on the enhancements the new Minecraft: Pocket Edition brings, the official Android apps store reveals the following:

  • Several bug fixes.
  • Pandas now spawn in jungles where they roll, lounge, and laze around!
  • Visit a village to befriend curious stray cats, which make great pets, but also act as scarecrows for the dreaded Phantoms.
  • Stock up on all-new bamboo to create scaffolding (building stuff just got faster, safer and neater!) or just feed it to the ever-snacking pandas.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is downloadable from Google Play Store.

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