New Nvidia Shield Tablet Is Not Rolling Out Anytime Soon

While the Shield TV, Nvidia’s Android TV streaming box, is frequently updated by the devs, the Nvidia Shield tablet, which launched in 2014, has not been revised since 2015 when the latest variant of the device came out. Thus, a new Nvidia Shield tablet is not rolling out anytime soon, according to some new reports based on the statements of the Nvidia CEO.

“Shield TV is still unquestionably the best Android TV in the world. We have updated the software now over 30 times. People are blown away by how much we continue to enhance it. And more (unspecified) enhancements are coming,” said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during the CES 2019.

“We are really committed to [Shield TV], but on mobile devices, we don’t think it’s necessary. We would only build things not to gain market share. Nvidia is not a ‘take somebody else’s market share company.’ I think that’s really angry. It’s an angry way to run a business. Creating new markets, expanding the horizon, creating things that the world doesn’t have, that’s a loving way to build a business,” Huang added.

New Nvidia Shield Tablet Is Not Rolling Out Anytime Soon

As reported by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, a new Nvidia Shield tablet is not going to come out anytime soon, as Nvidia is focusing on its Shield TV, the tech company’s Android TV streaming box.

However, Huang left an open door to a future tablet from Nvidia, but, as he said, that such a tablet would come only “if the world needs it. At the moment, I just don’t see it. I think Nintendo did such a great job.”

In other news, Jensen Huang also debated the new AMD Radeon VII. “Underwhelming, huh? I was kind of like saying ‘what?’ Because the performance is lousy and there’s nothing new. There’s no raytracing, no artificial intelligence. It’s a 7nm chip with HBM memory that barely keeps up with a 2080, and when we turn on DLSS, we’ll crush it. When we turn on raytracing, we’ll crush it. And it’s not even available yet,” Huang said.

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