Kingdom Hearts 3: Square Enix Revealed Ten Keyblades

At the end of January, the most anticipated RPG game of 2019, Kingdom Hearts 3, is due to be launched. Square Enix, the developer of the game, has started to work on Kingdom Hearts 3 for a few years now, but countless delays and issues in the game’s development postponed its release. As we speak, the games release it’s just around the corner, so there’s nothing that could prevent Kindom Hearts 3 from rolling out on January 25th.

Although it’s dubbed as Kingdom Hearts 3, the title is the 12th installment in the series, and it is the direct sequel for Kingdom Hearts 3. It is also the last episodes of the so-called Dark Seeker saga.

For several months now, the Japanese games studio has been teasing the fans with all the new features and different worlds added to the game. Recently, Square Enix has even introduced a trailer to reveal the new cinematics of the game. But all these teasers are only keeping the franchise’s fans busy and revive their desire to play the latest story of Sora and her companions.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Square Enix Revealed Ten Keyblades

Today we are not offering you the opportunity to reveal scenario leaks or information about the gameplay of the game. If you have followed the news of Kingdom Hearts 3, you already know everything new about the upcoming RPG. On the other hand, what is certain is that you will most certainly take a look at it.

For those of you who didn’t yet hear about the news, Square Enix has just unveiled ten Kingdom Hearts 3 so-called Keyblades. Very typical according to its world of origin, the Keyblades play an indispensable role in the history of Kingdom Hearts games. Here are the ten Keyblades recently leaked by Square Enix.

Remember, the new Kingdom Hearts 3 would roll out on January 25th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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