Vivo “The Waterdrop” Smartphone Leaks Revealed Unusual Design

Thanks to the famous leaker that goes by the name of Ice Universe on Twitter, we could see the new Vivo “The Waterdrop” smartphone leaks. The peculiarity of this mobile phone would be its unusual design.

As we can see in the images leaked by Ice Universe on his Twitter page (which you can enjoy at the beginning of the article), the future Vivo “The Waterdrop” smartphone would boast a rounded display with almost no bezels.

“Crazy phone has begun to leak, it is said that this is new Vivo, a mysterious smartphone code-named ‘The Waterdrop,’ this phone will subvert people’s past perception of smartphones, this is the back of the phone design, play your imagination. Coming soon,” said Ice Universe on Twitter.

However, Ice Universe did not reveal other details about the Vivo “The Waterdrop” smartphone, so we’re now kinda curious about what this device has to offer.

Vivo “The Waterdrop” Smartphone Leaks Revealed Unusual Design

This new Vivo “The Waterdrop” smartphone might be the sequel (or the combination) of two new phone models Vivo revealed recently. More specifically, in 2018, Vivo presented its new Apex FullView Prototype as a smartphone with very thin bezels and a pop-out selfies camera. Also, more recently, Vivo launched its Nex Dual Display Edition model which boasts displays on both sides.

The Nex Dual Display Edition model’s rear screen comes with large bezels, while the front-facing display comes with very thin bezels. As for the Vivo “The Waterdrop” smartphone leaks, they could suggest that this future device might also come with two screens and a curved design.

However, we don’t think it would boast a pop-up selfies camera since the codename, “The Waterdrop,” might indicate to a punch-hole camera. On the other hand, the Vivo “The Waterdrop” smartphone might boast two displays with very thin bezels, which would be very exciting to see.

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