Amazon Web Services VP Explains That IoT Shouldn’t Be Used Just For The Sake Of It

IoT is definitely the latest trend for tech lovers. However, regular customers are not the only ones using the internet of things. Many companies decide to adopt the IoT. While this might appear the logical step in order to keep up with the evolution technology, AWS VP of IoT Dirk Didascalou explained that IoT needs to be used for specific problems, not because it is a trend.

“Sometimes we are a little buzzword driven — IoT will solve all my problems, AI will solve all my problems, now we have the new buzzword, AIoT — that’s why we typically start all of our conversations with a question: If you knew the state of all of your assets, all of your things, everything, in your company and you could reason on top of that knowledge, what problems would you solve and why?,” Didascalou said.

Identify the problem

According to Didascalou, the IoT should represent a solution for a problem (or several). Therefore, before deciding to use IoT, and enterprise should start by identifying its shortcomings. Then, the company needs to figure out whether sensor technology would be able to solve its issues.

“We ask about problem statements: What’s hard for you, where do you lose money, what is really a headache for you? We look at dedicated problems and once we understand what are really big business problems for our customers, then we work backward and figure out what can we do with IoT technology to solve them,” he added.


Didascalou explained that many enterprises decide to employ IoT without having a clear reason for it. In fact, according to him, identifying the problem is the most important step, and he considers it “half of the success”.

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