Play Clash of Clans on PC with BlueStacks

Supercell unleashed Clash of Clans in 2012 without knowing that the game will become one of the most popular video games for smartphones. The game has attracted millions of players by offering a gameplay experience that is easy to learn and hard to master.  Players will start with a weak kingdom. As time passes they will be able to gather resources that will allow them to improve their kingdom and challenge nearby rivals. Those that join a clan will be able to participate in Clan Wars, large battles that provide a wealth of resources and other useful items.

In order to assert their supremacy the players will have to optimize their kingdom. A strong one should be able to withstand any attack without issues. Sweet revenge can be gained by attacking the enemy with your own troops.

The game can be played easily on mobile devices but in some cases a bigger screen would be great.  Those that wish to play Clash of Clans on their PC should try BlueStacks, one of the greatest Android app players that are currently available.

BlueStacks was made from the start with games in mind and the latest version will allow you to play your favorite games with just a few clicks. Read below for a comprehensive tutorial that will get Clash of Clans up and running on your PC in no time.


  • Download the installer from the official website. Sadly, the app is only available for Windows PCs and laptops.
  • Go to your Downloads folder and find the installer. Double-click on it in order to start the installation.
  • You can choose to install the program to the default directory or pick a specific location.
  • After the installation is complete start the program.

Getting the game:

  • Use the search bar and look for Clash of Clans
  • Click on the icon and click on the Google Play Install button

After the task is finished click on the game icon.

Bring glory to your kingdom!

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