Most Useful Brawl Stars Beginner’s Guide

Tip #1: Choose a Role

In case you are playing with a team of clubmates or friends, this tip will be particularly useful in this case. When it comes to teams, each member should take upon a role and learn to stick together as one especially if winning is part of your goals.

Tip #2: Secure the First Kill

If everybody has chosen their role, you can now begin the game. The gems that you will see are quite tempting to go after, but one thing is sure: first of all, you need to communicate with your team and make them see that they need to secure the first kill using all the strategic moves they have gotten.  If you secure your first kill, you will get a significant leg up, and you will also gain control of the ground. This is what happens in strategic battle games. The first one is the best one.

Tip #3: Bunching Up should be avoided

When you and your teammates stay together in one place, you will look more like a target, and it will be easier for your enemy to do a significant amount of damage to the whole team. What is very important is that the center, right, and left are always covered by a few players. This way it will not be as easy for the enemy to take control of the game and your side.

Tip #4: Spawn Trapping should be your focus

After you and your team are starting to gain control of the map, the next step is to keep the opposing team where they belong: trapped as close to their spawn as possible. This way you will give them less chance to deal damage to your gem carrier, and you almost cancel their change to gain control of any gems.

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