Best VPN For Gaming in 2019

VPN solutions are, sometimes, some handy services. Whether you want to access geographically-restricted content or play games safely and privately, a VPN is always the ideal choice. But since there are dozens of VPN services out there, how in the world can you choose the right one for your purposes? Today, we’ll come into your help by talking about the best VPN for gaming in 2019.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is always useful whenever you want to access geographically-restricted content or navigate the web securely and privately. In short, a VPN connection is connecting your PC to a private network, as the service’s name implies, which means that your IP would become hidden. VPN solutions are handy to watch the US version of Netflix, for example, even though you’re from another part of the world.

As for gaming, a VPN does pretty much the same thing, whatsoever. When deciding to play a game that’s available in another region of the world or join the players from a specific geographical area, a VPN is what you need.

Best VPN For Gaming in 2019


ExpressVPN is a great solution no matter what your purpose is, be it navigating the web safely, accessing geographically-restricted content, or playing games that, otherwise, would not be available in your country. With servers scattered across 148 locations around the world, ExpressVPN is very secure with its 256-bit AES encryption, and it is also boasting a no-logging policy, enhancing your privacy on the Internet.

Private Internet Access

Undoubtedly, Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN for gaming in 2019. Private Internet Access, commonly dubbed as PIA, has more than 3,000 servers across 43 cities across 28 countries and still counting. PIA is, however, lagging more than ExpressVPN, but, out of the many servers out there, you’ll most probably find one that is suitable for gaming. Another great feature of Private Internet Access is that this VPN solution supports virtually every platform out there.


Maybe the most popular among the best VPN for gaming in 2019, NordVPN is a reliable solution when it comes to navigating the web safely and privately. It supports multiple platforms, has lots of functions to enhance security, comes with a user-friendly interface, and, like ExpressVPN, it boasts the no-logging feature to boost user’s privacy.

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  1. IMO, ExpressVPN is the only one that offers solid connections without sacrificing speed. It does cost more, though.

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