How to Defend your Office from IoT Vulnerabilities?

The Internet of Things has simplified many of the tasks that take place in an office but it also offers s potential gateway for prospective hackers.  As the number of IoT objects increases the office becomes more vulnerable in the case of a potential attack.

Those that wish to prevent any potential issues should follow these steps in order to keep the office safe.

Use a different username and a strong password

Many devices share the same username and password in order to make the setup process more accessible. It is advised to change the default information in order to increase the security level of your devices.

Keep the software updated

Security patches are released constantly. It is advised to always update all the devices that require an internet connection since security patches will eliminate many popular exploits that can be used malicious entities.

Buy devices that can be secured

In many cases many IoT devices won’t receive security patches (or any patches at all). It is advised to check the security features of a device before it is bought. If the device relies on an external cloud platform in order to work properly a little bit of research is needed in order to assess the security level and vulnerability potential of the platform.

Identify and list all the devices that are connected to the company network.

This is a vital step. A comprehensive list of all the smart devices that can be found in the office will allow you to quickly spot and remove and potential vulnerabilities.

Ban old and unauthorized devices from the network

If an object is no longer used it should be removed from the network. The same rule is available for unknown devices that are attempting to connect to the network.

Use powerful security solutions

A strong antivirus and encryption solution are a must for any office that relies on a network.

Be on guard at all times

In most cases hackers go after small companies since they don’t tend to invest a lot in cybersecurity. It is important to be prepared against any potential threats.

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