New iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak is in Development

Those that want to jailbreak their device and are currently running iOS 11.4.1 will be happy to learn that a Twitter user is hard at work on a jailbreak solution for this particular iOS version.

According to a source the news was posted by thihmstar, a famous developer that is well-known in the jailbreak scene. The announcement led to enthusiastic reactions since many people want to jailbreak their device.

Tihmstar is developing an exploit that will be compatible with iOS versions that go up to 11.4.1. While the kernel can be read it will take a while until the task will be finished. He tested the fix on an iPhone 6 but is unsure if it will work on other models, including those that don’t have a headphone jack.

In a later post tihmstar said that he managed to gain access to the kernel base but the exploit requires the existence of a headphone jack in order to work properly.

Jailbreaking a device has remained a controversial process since the first exploit was released.  The Cupertino company was against the process since day one and each iteration of iOS has become increasingly harder to crack as time passed. Apple has declared that jailbreaking is a dangerous act since it exposes your device to several risks.  If you decide to jailbreak your device and then face a problem Apple will not help since jailbreaking a device will void the warranty.

Those that decide to take the risk and jailbreak device will get access variety of tweaks and features that can improve the functionality of their device. But they can also download infected apps released by malicious third-party providers.

Until now it was possible to jailbreak a device that is running iOS 11.3.1. If the new exploit will be stable, it will mark a significant progress on the way to a jailbreak for iOS 12. It remains to be seen if tihmstar will be able to release the exploit in the future.

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