2019 iPhone Models To Make A Move To USB-C, Reportedly, While Apple Works On New iPod

Although the rumors released by the supply chain blog Macotakara are not always right, there is some truth in them. Now, according to the before-mentioned portal, Apple works on a new iPod, and the 2019 iPhone models (iPhone 11 series) would finally make a move to USB-C. As this information is not coming from either official or reliable channels, we should take these new rumors with a grain of salt.

Reportedly, Apple might be working on a revised version of iPod Touch, even though, in recent years, iPhone smartphones became the favorite music player for Apple’s fans. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant could release a revamped iPod touch in 2019. Nonetheless, that would be an excellent move from Apple if indeed the rumors turn out to be true.

On the other hand, according to the supply chain blog Macotakara, Apple would finally ditch the Lightning Connector to adopt USB-C in its future 2019 iPhone models.

2019 iPhone Models To Adopt USB-C, While Apple Might Also Work on New iPod

“I heard from several suppliers of Apple who are listing in CES2019 that Apple might be developing iPod Touch (7th generation) that takes over iPod touch (6th generation). The present iPod touch (6th generation) is the cheapest terminal which we can buy from 199USD. Its sales started in July 2015, and we can use it as Apple device which we enjoy Apple Music costs 9.99USD per month,” reported a Macotakar’s contributor.

For the time being, it’s not clear which would be the features of the new iPod Touch device, so we don’t know anything about the future gadget. Apple might work on a more affordable iPod Touch variant to attract more customers before the launch of Apple’s video streaming service which would come out in the future.

While the development of a new iPod Touch is good news for the fans of the device, the move to USB-C in 2019 iPhone models is the most remarkable shift for Apple.

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