Surface Book 3 Prototype Unveiled On Instagram By a Microsoft Executive

Ralf Groene, head of Industrial Design for Microsoft Devices, revealed the new Surface Book 3 prototype on Instagram. The unveiling of the device was well-received by the fans. In the image shared by Ralf Groene, we can see that the future Surface Book 3 boasts a detachable hinge, using a so-called “muscle-wire-based actuators” to detach the tablet from the base of the device by clicking a button.

“Early prototype of Surface Book muscle wire detach,” said Ralf Groene, the head of Industrial Design for Microsoft Devices, on Instagram.

“As you might expect, the device has a face only a creator could love; it has a 9-volt battery stuck into where the display should be located. That being said, this prototype was used to test the muscle wire detach mechanism for the Surface Book, according to Groene,” reported Thurrott, the tech news portal which was the first to talk about Surface Book 3 prototype unveiled by Ralf Groene.

Surface Book 3 Prototype Unveiled On Instagram By a Microsoft Executive

The fascinating design of the Surface Book devices helped Microsoft win a lot of praise from the fans who were not at all happy with the boring looks of Microsoft’s Surface Laptop gadgets.

We, therefore, hope that Microsoft would recover in 2019 with the upcoming Surface Book 3 device and other astonishing gadgets announced via a series of rumors, such as the so-called Surface Andromeda, Surface Januss, and Surface Centaurus.

Brad Sams from the Thurrott also added that, in his opinion, now, since Surface Book 2 is over a year old already, Microsoft would most likely announce the next Surface Book 3 somewhen in 2019, probably during the following few months, in the first half of the year. The most exciting thing to see would be the technical specs sheet of the future Surface Book, hoping that Microsoft will come out with a brand-new device, from A to Z, not with an update of the Surface Book 2.

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