EA Canceled The Open-World Star Wars Games To Focus On Another Project

After the closure of Visceral Games in October 2017, EA transferred the development of a Star Wars game (codenamed “Ragtag”) to its Vancouver studio. Although the general public did not have access to any information about it, the project was still relevant until today. According to Kotaku, EA’s open-world Star Wars game got canceled by the publisher in favor of a smaller project.

To report this information, journalist Jason Schreier relied on three sources who know what is going on at EA. His article tells us that by taking it over from Visceral Games, EA Vancouver would have restarted the Star Wars game (“Ragtag”) from scratch, turning it from a linear ground action/adventure game, with only a few graphics assets, into an open-world Star Wars game.

Known since then as “Orca,” the game should have allowed us to play as either a bounty hunter or bandit, freely explore various planets in the open world, and work with some factions of the Star Wars universe.

EA Canceled The Open-World Star Wars Games To Focus On Another Project

The decision to cancel the project would have been taken while development was still in its infancy. As for the reasons behind that decision, EA would prefer to develop a smaller Star Wars game to release it earlier, towards the end of 2020, a date that could coincide with the arrival of new generation consoles, as Jason Schreier of Kotaku pointed out.

Some EA Vancouver devs would hope that the “Orca” project could resume once this new project is completed. Let’s also remember that another Star Wars game is officially under construction in the offices of EA and Respawn (Titanfall) studio – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order which was announced at E3 2018.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is part of a single-player action-adventure genre, and it should come out by the end of 2019.

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