iPhone 11 Revealed in A Leaked Mock Render, Reportedly

Thanks to Steve Hemmerstoffer, OnLeaks on Twitter, we can see the upcoming iPhone 11 in a leaked mock render based on the “100 percent legit prototypes.” For these new iPhone 11 images, OnLeaks partnered up with the Indian website CompareRaja, and together they’ve come up with the mock render of the future 2019 iPhone model.

“Here comes your very first and very early look at yet another 2019 iPhone prototype! Discover it right now through gorgeous 5K renders made on behalf of my Friends over CompreRaja,” said Steve Hemmerstoffer on Twitter.

“Based on the above renders, the iPhone 2019 [iPhone 11] could retain a similar front body as the current iPhone but will have a smaller notch and slightly thinner bezels (unnoticeable to naked eyes). The big difference could be on the back where you can see horizontally stacked triple rear camera module placed at the center. The camera unit comprises three sensors + a circle flash around the center camera lens + mic below the center camera,” according to CompareRaja.

iPhone 11 Revealed in A Leaked Mock Render, Reportedly

Apple is planning to roll out three 2019 iPhone models in September this year. While we don’t know much about them, not even which would be their official names, the popularly dubbed iPhone 11 series which would come in autumn would follow the same lines of the 2018 iPhone models.

Accordingly, we might have a direct successor of the iPhone XR, which would be the most affordable device of the iPhone 11 series. Also, there would be two high-end variants, out of which users expect a powerful iPhone 11 model which, according to the iPhone 11 leaked mock render, would boast three cameras on its back with a circular LED flash surrounding the central sensor.

According to some rumors, two of the 2019 iPhone models would come with OLED screens, while the third would boast an LCD (the successor of iPhone XR). Also, according to some leakers, Apple would implement 5G network support in its highest-end iPhone 11 model, while others said that the Cupertino-based company would delay 5G support to 2020.

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