Lenovo Motorola Razr “Remake” Would Be a $1,500 Folding Smartphone

According to recent rumors and reports, Lenovo, the owner of the Motorola brand, plans to launch a Motorola Razr “remake” which would be a folding smartphone of $1,500. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Lenovo has already teamed up with Verizon in the US for the launch of the smartphone, and, if everything goes as planned, Motorola Razr “remake” would roll out in February.

At the moment, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, the Lenovo’s folding smartphone, dubbed as Motorola Razr “remake,” is under testing. Also, the Chinese manufacturer kept this project hidden from the eye of leakers, so no rumors have come out on that device. We know nothing about it, except for what The Wall Street Journal reported about it.

The original Motorola Razr V3 came out in 2004 and sold 130 million units worldwide. It was a thin, flip phone, with 3G and was really successful during its times. The latest Razr version launched in 2005, but it was not as successful as the first one.

Lenovo Motorola Razr “Remake” Would Be a $1,500 Folding Smartphone

Lenovo, the famous Chinese computer manufacturer, bought Motorola brand from Google in 2014. Since then, Lenovo has been launching new smartphones under the brand of Motorola in parallel with its own line of mobile phones, rolled out under the name of Lenovo.

Now, Lenovo, pretty much like HDM Global does with Nokia brand, it trying to revive defunct Motorola lineups. According to The Wall Street Journal, Lenovo plans to launch a Motorola Razr “remake” smartphone which would be a folding smartphone with support for the 5G network. Also, The Wall Street Journal reported that this device would cost around $1,500.

From the information obtained by the before-mentioned news portal, it seems like Lenovo will launch its Motorola Razr “remake” in the US, only, in partnership with Verizon, and it will do that in February, most likely around February 20th, the date set by Samsung for the launch f its Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy F folding smartphone.

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