Samsung Galaxy S10’s In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Won’t Work With Screen Protectors

According to the latest rumors, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 would disappoint those of you who plan to use the Samsung’s anniversary flagship smartphone with screen protectors to avoid scratching the device’s display. More specifically, Samsung Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor won’t work with screen protectors.

While the implementation of an in-display fingerprint sensor in the upcoming Galaxy S10 series was well-received by the Samsung’s fans, now they would have to use that feature without screen protectors because, otherwise, the reader would not work. That’s a minus for users who would not be able to protect their S10 devices from scratches, although Samsung said that the S10’s display is already protected.

“We have tested our cases on real Galaxy S10 phones. The in-display fingerprint does not support screen protector. So our vanguard will have no built-in screen protector,” reported¬†Armadilotek, a cases and screen protectors manufacturer, on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S10’s In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Won’t Work With Screen Protectors

If we are to believe Armadilotek folks, who claimed to have tested their screen protectors on real Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones, then screen protectors are blocking the ultrasonic fingerprint sensors on Galaxy S10 devices. Accordingly, we can use screen protectors only if we are ready to give up using the in-display fingerprint sensor and opt for other lock options.

But it’s too early to start worrying about it. We don’t know which materials Armadilotek tested on Galaxy S10 smartphones. Also, we have no clue on how thick were the screen protectors the company probed. Nonetheless, Samsung itself might launch its own series of screen protectors of Galaxy S10 lineup.

For the moment, be it as it may, as we’ll find out everything we need about this topic and many others on February 20th, 2019, when Samsung is planning to launch its anniversary Galaxy S10 series, along with its folding smartphone, Galaxy F.

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