Fortnite and YouTube Scares Netflix More Than The Upcoming Disney+

Netflix came out to reply to the many people thinking that the most popular streaming platform in the world would lose subscribers when Disney+ comes out. Netflix thinks Fortnite and YouTube are greater competitors than the upcoming Disney+, HBO, or Amazon, according to a recent shareholder letter the company released.

So, according to Netflix, the streaming platform’s representatives are more concerned with Fortnite and YouTube than with the forthcoming Disney+ streaming platform, HBO, or Amazon. According to the company, Netflix has already earned 10 percent of all US television screen time, while “Bird Box” totaled 80 million viewers in its first month. The streaming platform expects that “You” would sum up to 40 million viewers over the same period.

Thus, Netflix wants to ensure people that the emergence of new streaming platforms such as Disney+ will not make subscribers ditch Netflix. On the other hand, Netflix is more concerned with the growth of Fortnite and YouTube.

Fortnite and YouTube Scares Netflix More Than The Upcoming Disney+, HBO, or Amazon

“Our focus is not on Disney+, Amazon or others, but on how we can improve our experience for others. We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO. When YouTube went down globally for a few minutes in October, our viewing and signups spiked for that time,” said Netflix in its shareholder letter.

“We compete so broadly with all of these providers, that any one provider entering only makes a difference on the margin,” said Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

While the YouTube presence on the list of Netflix’s competitors is not surprising, the thing that Netflix mentioned Fortnite might be confusing. In reality, it shouldn’t be so, as Netflix aims to compete with all kind of entertainment out there and go live on as many devices as they exist out there, including gaming consoles.

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