GBWhatsApp Vs. WhatsApp – Is The Mod Better Than The Original?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app for Android and iOS. It comes with a lot of features, and its devs are always working to add some more and increase the app’s stability and performance. However, there are some functions that WhatsApp is not boasting, even though plenty of users would love to see them in the instant messaging application. GBWhatsApp, a mod of the original WhatsApp, is offering some premium features that WhatsApp has not yet added. So, GBWhatsApp might be the right option for many users. One question is now shaping up – Is the mod better than the original?

WhatsApp Features

The primary function of WhatsApp is to help people communicate for free as long as they are connected to the Internet. Users can text their contacts, engage voice calls and video calls, while they can also join groups and participate in group calls or group video calls, as well. Also, WhatsApp is fun to use with its many emoticons, stickers, and so on. Nonetheless, WhatsApp is also permitting users to share documents, images, GIFs, and videos.

You can join WhatsApp with only your phone number, choose a profile pic, change your status, customize the chat window, block annoying contacts, delete specific texts within chats, share your conversations on social media directly from WhatsApp, and so on. Therefore, WhatsApp is more than just a casual instant messaging app. Can GBWhatsApp bring more?

GBWhatsApp is WhatsApp But With Improvements

In short, GBWhatsApp features all the WhatsApp functions and elements, but also comes with unique services. First, GBWhatsApp allows users to create dual WhatsApp accounts in case they need it. If so, users can switch from one account to the other in just a few seconds, or they can open and use both of them simultaneously. Also, one can send 100 documents, 50 images, and videos of up to 30 Mb in one go, and users can also send a message to up to 600 contacts at the same time.

GBWhatsApp also comes with an auto-reply functionality and a DND mode so users won’t receive notifications. Besides, GBWhatsApp allows us to block incoming calls from specific contacts, personalize the app entirely with widgets, pop-up screens, and more, and lock chats or the app itself with a password without using third-party software.

GBWhatsApp Vs. WhatsApp – Is The Mod Better Than The Original?

As it’s almost always available with applications, it’s also a matter of taste and habit. But judging strictly according to the features GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp boast, then GBWhatsApp comes with all the WhatsApp features plus some unique functions you’ll not find in the original app.

So, is the mod better than the original? In my opinion, yes since GBWhatsApp boasts a lot more handy features than WhatsApp.

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