Android Q Would Make It Easier For Carriers To Lock Smartphones

While Android Pie is still rolling out on some devices, many rumors and leaks regarding Android Q, the next Google’s OS for mobiles, have already emerged on the Internet. In one of the most recent leaks, the folks from XDA-Developers revealed that Android Q would boast dark mode, new accessibility options, more Developer Options features, and more.

Now, new code on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Gerrit revealed that Android Q would make it easier for carriers to lock smartphones. The so-called Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Gerrit is an online tool for developers, which from now and then boasts some code changes that devs can access.

The most recent changes come with the title of “Carrier restriction enhancements for Android Q,” and they refer to new possibilities for GSM carriers to lock smartphones.

Android Q Would Make It Easier For Carriers To Lock Smartphones

“More specifically, it will be possible to designate a list of ‘allowed’and ‘excluded’ carriers, essentially a whitelist and a blacklist of what will and won’t work on a particular phone. This can be done with a fine-grained detail even to allow blocking virtual carrier networks that run on the same towers as your main carrier,” explains Kyle Bradshaw from 9to5Mac.

Besides, Android Q would reportedly have restrictions for dual-SIM devices. Accordingly, carriers can now lock the second SIM slot if there is no accepted SIM card installed in the first slot. The limits would persist even after restarting the smartphone or bringing it back to the factory settings.

Nonetheless, the new Android Q features that offer carriers additional solutions to lock smartphones is worrying some of the Android users. Luckily, across Canada, sellers can’t sell locked smartphones thanks to the revised Wireless Code in 2017. Some carriers still lock their phones in Canada, but they quickly remove the restriction once someone buys the device.

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